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Within Ministries is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization offering resources used to gather women for spiritual enrichment, empowerment, and community-building.

​​Our board is grateful for the women and men who share our vision and mission.​​

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​​Within Ministries offers opportunities for  women for spiritual enrichment, meditation and reflection, empowerment and community-building.  

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Through Grace Within and Ministerio de Mujeres en Crecimiento Personal (peer-facilitated small group gatherings) women are encouraged to  get in touch with their inner spirit and form bonds with other women.  Through the On the Journey Retreat Series (peer-facilitated three-hour  retreats) women experience the quiet, sacred invitation to delve deeper. 

Our Mission

Within Ministries brings women of all ages and life experiences together to engage in a spiritual process that illuminates and affirms their sacred dignity.

Our Vision
To awaken the Spirit within to create a culture that ignites women's passion to use their voices and share their gifts for the transformation of society.

​Within Ministries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Member, MN Council of Nonprofits.

email: within@withinministries.org

phone: (612) 412-4871

Autumn – the days are shortening and becoming cooler. The fields and gardens are being harvested.  The colors turn to warm ambers and shades of red. Leaves are falling from the trees. We sometimes think of autumn as a time when everything is dying, but in reality, it is a time of letting go, a movement which has to take place in order to transition between summer’s fruitfulness and new growth the following spring.  The barren branches already have the ability of new buds within them.  The same is true for our lives. Maybe there are things we need to let go of in order for us to let new spirit within ourselves, bud and grow.

Participating  in Within Ministries or one of our On The Journey Retreats is the perfect way to help you think about and discover what you feel called to let go of, what gives you nourishment and vitality, what protects you and comforts you and what new buds are within you waiting to grow and to give you new hope.