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Within Ministries is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization offering resources used to gather women for spiritual enrichment, empowerment, and community-building.

As we renew our own spark, flames leap from heart to heart and we ignite the fire in others.

Within Ministries offers opportunities for  women for spiritual enrichment, meditation and reflection, empowerment and community-building.

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Start a fire in my soul. Fan the flame and make it grow. So there’s no doubt or denying. Let it burn so brightly. That everyone around can see. That it’s You, that it’s You that we need.” 


On a cool autumn evening sitting around a campfire, the flames can be mesmerizing as you watch them dance on the logs and light up the night. Another log is added, new flames fill the darkness with more dazzling light.
Throughout scripture, fire is used as a symbol of the divine presence. Does staring into the fire bring to mind someone whose heart is aglow with God’s presence; someone who is humble, yet knows and their strengths and weaknesses; someone who is a catalyst to kindle embers in others and bring them to life?
In life’s ups and downs and daily battles, we sometimes may feel our glow is dwindling or notice the spark in someone else is diminishing. How can we stoke enthusiasm and passion for spiritual growth; make it spark, crackle and pop again, or help someone else to do this? 

   Connecting through Within Ministries

Through Grace Within and Ministerio de Mujeres en Crecimiento Personal (peer-facilitated small group gatherings) women are encouraged to  get in touch with their inner spirit and form bonds with other women.  Through the On the Journey Retreat Series (peer-facilitated three-hour  retreats) women experience the quiet, sacred invitation to delve deeper. 

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Our Mission

Within Ministries brings women of all ages and life experiences together to engage in a spiritual process that illuminates and affirms their sacred dignity.

Our Vision
To awaken the Spirit within to create a culture that ignites women's passion to use their voices and share their gifts for the transformation of society.

​Within Ministries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Member, MN Council of Nonprofits.

email: within@withinministries.org

phone: (612) 412-4871