Lenten Retreat

 Encourage women to focus on the  spiritual aspects of Lent.  

Participation in a retreat during

this season sets a sacred tone

and invites deeper reflection on

the true meaning  of Easter.

Suggested Journal:

Emptying Your Cup



Embracing Change

as a Time of Grace

Reflect on change and transition as a natural part of the human journey. Become more aware of God's grace and presence during these times. Honor the time and energy necessary for healthy transition.

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  Emptying Your Cup:

​Finding Peace through Letting Go

Quiet reflection, prayer rituals, and discussion on what and how we need to "let go" of in  our  lives to have room  to "fill our cup" with  God's unconditional  love.

    Listening with the

    Ear of Your Heart

​ Develop an attitude of  listening as openness to God’s grace in all situations and respect for God’s presence in every person. Participate in reflective listening as a gift and grace from God.​​


Slow down and reflect on daily choice-making as you learn to make healthy, Christ-centered choices through a process of prayer and discernment. This three-hour retreat focuses on the need for silence in order to listen to God and offers the opportunity to reflect on how healthy friends with similar values can guide choice-making.​​

This is a series of three hour retreats designed for small groups of 15-20 women to be held right in your community. Written for women in all stages of life and spiritual growth, the retreats can be used in any number of ways to enhance spiritual life. Each retreat provides sacred time and space for both leaders and participants with easy to use Facilitator Guides and Personal Journals​. 

On the Journey Retreat Series

Our retreat with the "Transitions: Embracing Change with a Time of Grace" journal was a beautiful success. 

Our group found the content relevant and meaningful.

What is being said about On the Journey Retreat Series

Preparation for Parish Retreat Team 

Holding an On the Journey Retreat can

build confidence to continue scheduling retreats

for larger groups of women.

More On the Journey Retreat Series Ideas...

 "Thank You Retreat" for leaders and facilitators

A retreat is a spiritual way to thank leaders and facilitators, old and new, and provide time for them to rejuvenate and reconnect as a team. It is also an opportunity for the team to become familiar with the material before offering it to the rest of the parish and build confidence to continue to schedule retreats. 

Pre-Mother’s Day Retreat 
 Help mothers, grandmothers, and all women whose lives include children

to focus on the spiritual aspects of

these  relationships and vocation of motherhood by scheduling a retreat

in preparation for Mother’s Day.​
Suggested Journals: 
Listening with the Ear of Your Heart
In God's Hands​


​ Invite women to a WITHIN MINISTRIES experience who would not otherwise attend the journal sessions.

Hold the retreat a week or two before your orientation for the next journal sessions as


​​​ Ideal times to host an On the Journey Retreat

 Before or After Grace Within

 Keep the momentum that typically grows during

the journal sessions by announcing the date of

the next On the  Journey Retreat at the

Celebration dinner or tea. 

Invite past participants who may have become

busy with a new baby, a sick parent, or a return to work for an evening of spiritual  renewal.

Suggested Journal:

Choice Making​